Who we are

Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way

— Tom Freston

Aura is not a tech company… Aura is an Innovation company…

We take technology that we are very good at, & Your Business where you are a leader; put them together to create a new piece of art, & set new standards for the whole market to follow.

Our definition of Technology is to enable the business, and expand it to new horizons, to help business generate new revenues, & reach new customers.

Technology is here to Enlighten Businesses.


“Our systems will be pillars for our clients, transforming their business and providing the ultimate customer experience.”




“Becoming the source of technology enlightenment.”


Our systems are developed based on 4 main pillars

Advanced applications

Advanced applications

to carry out your processes, and spare your time to focus on things more important to your business.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

you don’t need to check the user manual. It’s neat and easy to use, and knows what you want.

Analytical dimension

Analytical dimension

we take your business to a whole new level by helping you do deep analysis of your information.

Lower cost

Lower cost

that’s why we develop using open source. Technology is here to help you make more money.

And this what drove our customers to trust us, and consider us their advisers. We take them on a journey of enlightenment, and help them create their own company’s AURA.

Your business idea is perfect, let us help you stand out of the crowd, & lead your industry… Together we’ll create something magnificent…

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