World Backup Day, Don’t be an April’s fool!

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World Backup Day, Don't be an April's fool! 1

What would you do if you lost EVERYTHING? March 31st of every year marks World Backup Day, so now is a good time to start backing up all your important data, so you wouldn’t make an april’s fool out of yourself.

A backup is simply a second copy of your cherished data so you wouldn’t be lost without it, this can range from simple family photos and memories that you would be devastated to lose, your unfinished book or digital painting, or that excel sheet you have been working on for a couple of days. Instead of storing all these important -Almost irreplaceable files- on your own computer, it is a very good idea to create a second copy and store it elsewhere.

Losing digital files is easier than you think, data loss can happen at anytime and it usually happens when you least expect it! 44% of data loss occurs due to system malfunctions and a whooping 32% happens due to human error such as irrecoverable deletion of files by mistake. If you do not backup your data, losing your most precious memories becomes a constant threat on your everyday digital life.

A backup is your insurance policy against such losses, as with any other insurance, it protects you against disasters. No one wants to lose the photos they have collected, the important documents they need for various purposes, or any of the music that gives them enjoyment in their daily lives.

30% of people have never backed up their files.

If you have never backed up your files before, now is the best time to start backing up your files, there are many options available and it could save you losing your important personal or work files.

This applies not only to your personal computer, there are 113 lost or stolen smartphones every MINUTE! Make sure to backup all your digital storage devices, this includes your computers, tables and phones. If you run a business, now is also a good time to backup your online solution, your databases and accounting files.

10% of computers are infected with viruses each single month.

How would you backup your data?

Follow a simple 3-2-1 rule. Make 3 backups, in 2 different formats with one of them off-site, this simply means you should always have one backup always off premises in cases of natural disasters having all your backups in the same location would render them useless, always have a different media type backup, this could be an external USB hard drive, optical discs such as DVDs or Blurays or a cloud based continuous backup solution. This can prove beneficial in case of your USB port failure, not having access to the internet and such.

A simple way to start saving your files to the internet is by using OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or even Amazon Cloud Drive to backup the most important things you’re working on right now.

These “online drives” usually don’t have too much space, and only backup one folder on your computer. However, this is great for students and businesspeople who need to keep their most important documents safe. If in doubt, Dropbox it for free!

The better option is backing up your entire device, many online backup solutions are available which offers backup spaces in terms of terabytes to cover your entire need.

Lastly, it is very important to have a backup strategy to properly back up your important files.  Here are some tips on formulating your strategy.

• Decide what folders or data you want to backup.
• Schedule how often you want to make the backup.
• Verify that you can access and restore the data.
• Keep your system working or your subscription to backup services paid.

Developers and Version control

At Aura, we make sure all our code is properly backed up at all times, we use version control systems to ensure we have access to every version of our code, this automatically backs up all our files as we code.

We know the value of continued backup, this is why all our websites, CMS, E-Commerce and PHP Custom solutions contain a continued backup feature to safeguard your valued data at all times.

44% of SMBs implement data backup and recovery services after the fact and by then the damage is done. The data is lost. The reputation is ruined and in many cases, the business is starting over. We protect your business at all times.

Everyday should be World backup day, Backup your files now and ensure you are safe against data loss at all times, don’t learn the hard way.

World Backup Day, Don't be an April's fool! 2

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