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PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. As of January 2013, PHP was installed on more than 240 million websites (39% of those sampled) and 2.1 million web servers.

The Power of PHP

  • Open Source
  • Scalability
  • Higher Performance
  • Better Support
  • Runs on ALL servers
  • Cost Effective

Limitations of Static websites, CMS and Ready made systems

The web started with static web design which on its own was not very helpful, static websites tend to be very hard to update in terms of content and imagery as it requires technical knowledge that -you as a business- will probably have difficulty adopting, without a server-side scripting language it would be impossible to submit forms, create registration forms, interact with your clients and create complicated systems that have become the norm of the internet today.

With CMS and ready built systems it became much easier to update your content yourself, create forms and interaction with users, as well as starting your own E-Commerce systems, yet these systems are products of a huge development team, as much as this guarantees updates yet it fails to satisfy all the needs for individual businesses as it follows the needs of the majority of websites and does not allow too specific changes to each individual websites.

If your businesses needs to integrate multiple platforms or create your own system, all the previous examples fails to create your system.


PHP is a server-side scripting language, that means all the code is run on the server which allows you to save your forms, statistics and other important user information on your database. Over the years, it has become ubiquitous, and is used by many companies such as Google, Facebook, and more. PHP applications are machine-independent, meaning they will work on a Microsoft Server as well as on a UNIX Server.

With the power of PHP, it is easy to create any idea that your business needs, while all CMS and ready made systems are built with one of the server-side scripting languages, PHP is the most used language online which includes all functions and features needed to create all your needs.

PHP is also an open source language, this has two benefits for your solution, being open source and machine independent allows it to run on various server types from Windows, Mac OS or Linux distributions. It also does not require an expensive license for you to run your application.

With the massive amount of contributors, PHP has gained a lot of momentum in its development and surpassed any other scripting language in terms of power, speed, functionality and security.

PHP interacts with server based databases, mainly MySQL, allowing it to provide dynamic content. Your custom database program can be a web based application, and can be accessed from anywhere. From a development standpoint, it makes providing updates and program enhancements simple, since only the server needs to be updated. So, if you had a custom application like Microsoft Access, every computer that was running the program would have to be updated.

With a PHP web-based application, Aura can take your business to the cloud, away from being tangled up in Excel spreadsheets, and bring you to a whole new level of efficiency.


Being a PHP Web Development Service Provider our experienced coders are proficient in handling programming and development services. We combine both creativity and imagination to render 100% user-friendly and interactive web applications and web solutions. PHP scripts can run across OS like LINUX, Window, Solaris, OpenBSD, Mac OSX and others.

Aura has a plethora of knowledge with experienced developers offering range of Custom PHP solutions without compromising on quality.

Aura offers optimum use of model view controller ( MVC )- a powerful architecture to develop robust and aesthetically creative web applications

Customized PHP Solutions at affordable pricing makes our services worth your time and money.

Experts in PHP, MySQL, Apache & Linux, our expert PHP programmers strive to render business oriented solutions and customer satisfaction.

Aura undergoes full Agile development process, which ensures the end product is compliant with the industry’s latest trends and up to W3C standards and best practices.

With our bespoke PHP solutions we are able to deliver what your business requires, get your Custom PHP solution according to your own business goals at a very affordable price.

To guarantee your full access to your project at all times, we offer our own support system which allows your full access to your project timeline, tasks, accounting and overall progress which ensures your all time access to your project updates. We also offer seamless communication via Email, Phone, Skype, Messenger among others to keep you posted about the project’s progress


PHP is open source software and is freely available under GPL ( General Public License ) which saves your money and increases your ROI.

Being a cross browser compatible, PHP runs on any kind of server as all the processing is done server side and does not require any specific requirements to run as it is readily available for all operating systems such as Windows, MacOS and various Linux distributions.

PHP ensures the security of your software solution, with password hashing and various other security techniques your data is always safe from prying eyes, MySQL adds another level of security so your data is kept safe at all times.

Being community developed, major extensions are developed each day to add to the existing power of PHP, and most associated software complimenting PHP is also open source and developed by numerous well known developers and others helping add to the power of these software.

With such power expanding everyday, almost anything and everything can be developed using PHP, from corporate websites, CRM software, ERP software down to a custom CMS system or an E-Commerce solution tailored to your specific needs running a humongous database.


  • PHP is used by 82.0% of all the websites, ASP.Net follows at only 17%.
  • Version 5 is used by 98.3% of all the websites who use PHP.
  • 244 Million websites use PHP in January 2013.
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